talented athlete program

The Flexout Health Talented Athlete Program was developed in 2016 as a way to identify, motivate and recognise local talented athletes who have produced outstanding results or to pursue their sporting dreams. The sponsorship program is separated into two tiers of sponsorship:

  • Gold: Full sponsorship for services
  • Silver: Part-sponsorship for services

To be eligible for selection, athletes must:

  • Be aged 12 years or over.
  • Currently train or compete at state or national level.
  • Reside locally (grown up or currently living within a 50km radius of your nearest clinic).
  • Be currently playing or participating in the sport of your nomination.
  • Have no other physiotherapy or similar health sponsor.
  • Attend an online information session that details the program;
  • Tweet, Facebook, Instagram or mention Flexout Health as being part of your process used to get your success. It helps drive clients to our clinics so we can hopefully be as successful as you and continue doing the good work we always try to do! Monthly posts in each would be great! #FlexoutHealthTAP @FlexoutHealthTAP.
  • Provide a sporting photo so we can have hanging in our “wall of fame” at the clinic! This is for other budding athletes to gaze upon when they are in our clinic, giving them inspiration to be more than they are!
  • Wear your Flexout Health singlet to training or during competition, where possible.
  • Promote our business and let others know about Flexout Health.
  • Provide you with all the services in the program.
  • Use social media to promote you as an athlete and drive traffic to you and support your cause!
  • Develop your reputation as an expert and professional by having a sponsor on board.
  • Place you on our website for more exposure and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Make sure you are healthy, happy and being nurtured.

The panel will decide on successful athletes based on the following set of criteria:

  • Level of representation in your chosen sport;
  • Notable achievements;
  • Community involvement;
  • Current/ future sporting goals.

Each athlete will undergo a 12-month program with Flexout Health, commencing from the date of acceptance.

associated sports club program

As part of our overall brand mission and core values, all Flexout Health clinics are heavily involved with grassroots sporting clubs. We welcome local sporting clubs, both large and small, to apply for our program for the coming season.


  • Free in-clinic injury assessment (in-season)
  • Discounted consultations for players
  • Rebates back to club per consultation
  • Sports trainer mentoring and training
  • Injury prevention education sessions at your club

How do I apply?

If your club is interested in being involved with our Associated Sports Club Program, please contact us find out more.

community sponsorship

Flexout Health is heavily involved in charitable initiatives as a part of our overall brand mission and core values. We welcome local opportunities that allow us to engage and be involved in community-based programs, events and activities. We will only sponsor local community groups, organisations, schools and events that endeavour to enrich the community (including industry groups, schools, arts, business, local charities, sporting groups and local events) with a charity or support mission.

How do I apply?

If your club is interested in being involved with our Community Sponsorship Program, please contact us to find out more.