patient consent policy

I understand that it is my choice what information I provide but that withholding or falsifying information might be detrimental to my treatment. I consent to allow Flexout Health to collect, use & store further information related to my treatment, from other sources as necessary. I am aware that I can access my personal & treatment information on request &, if necessary, correct information I believe to be inaccurate. Flexout Health may on occasion use electronic means such as SMS & email for appointment reminders &; information about products, services &; programs. If under 18 years of age, parent/guardian must sign consent.

Third party clients: I understand that I am liable of the costs of good and services should your third party billing agency (Workcover, TAC/NRMA/CTP, NDIS etc) decline the claim. I also consent to completing the required forms that record specific types of information relating to my injury(s), treatment & ways they may affect your ability to work & carry out your usual activities of daily living. In order to satisfy these requirements, I will sign a Treatment Plan & complete a Functional Questionnaire as required.