Qi Flow

Be Still. Be Strong. Be Nurtured

Societal demands on our time are ever increasing. “We have the technology to be quicker, smarter and healthier than ever before, but somehow find ourselves at the point of exhaustion physically, mentally and emotionally.” Those stresses drew Flexout Health’s Jacinta Hayward to pursue a special interest in the practise of qi gong and ultimately the introduction of Flexout Health Qi Flow classes.

What is Qi Flow?

Translation of qi gong is “energy work”, an ancient Asian form of yoga drawing on principles of qi gong, yoga, pilates as well as using meditation, using movement patterns designed to restore good health.

What does the class involve?

Qi Flow class is performed while standing, with an element of floor based exercises. There are hundreds of systems of qi gong and many focus on different fields.

What are the benefits?

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